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(last updated 05 October 2016)

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FOR SALE - Updated 05 Oct 2016

“Tug along” for SALE ($ 3,500.00)


See pictures… Photo 1, Photo 2


Tug along is a “one person” 10 foot long miniature “model” tug boat with a 4 foot beam and powered by a 5 hp Honda 4 stroke motor.

The hull is of marine plywood, protected with West Epoxy & 6oz fibreglass cloth then painted with marine Aqua-Tile paint.

She is equipped with navigation lights, electric & manual bailer pumps, 3 horns & a bell, anchor, paddle and fire extinguisher making it legal on water.

It is decorated with inverter powered LED lights complete with a180 watts CD music player.

Trailer included.  “Tug along” is a scratch built construction by Rolly Nantel.


This crowd pleaser has won many awards and captures everyone’s attention at any nautical event.    Awards plaques are included.

“Tug along” is licensed as a pleasure craft with the Customs Canada, Canadian Coast Guard.

Rolly Nantel < nantel.rs@bell.net >

Ottawa, Ontario

(613) 742-6271