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2017-18 COURSES

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Are you interested in taking a course we are not currently offering? Send a note to the Education Officer, AEO Maritime VHF, AEO Boating Basics or AEO Advanced to let us know. We will try to accommodate you if there is sufficient interest

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Course Location: Unless indicated otherwise, registration and courses will be held at:

     St. Patrick's High School
2525 Alta Vista Drive
     Ottawa, ON K1V 7T3 ............. Need a map?  Click here!

      Rooms that will be used are: 227, 229, and 230

Course refund guidelines:  Course refunds are usually made in cases of work rescheduling or extended illness.  Other situations may apply at the discretion of the Squadron Education Officer. All course material must be returned in unmarked condition, i.e. no highlighter, pen or pencil markings.

Course cancellation policy:  From time to time course cancellations are made due to insufficient enrollment. Should this occur, registrants will be contacted by phone and offered the alternatives of applying the fees to another course or receiving a full refund.

Proof of Membership:  Proof of current membership must be presented at registration to benefit from "member's rate".



Boating Basics:  The Boat Basic (formerly Boat Pro) course provides you with the opportunity to prepare for your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) exam.  Clearly the best of the PCOC seminars available, this highly acclaimed 3 session course was one of the first to be accredited by the Canadian Coast Guard.  Boating Basics is a great introduction for your family to boating safety, operation and navigation.

Boating 2 and 3, Beyond the PCOC:  Boating Basics get you out there, Boating 2 and 3 will bring you back.
The Boating 2 and 3 courses replace the old Boating Course, for boaters who already have a PCOC from CPS or any other accredited provider. These courses continue where the Boating Basics course leaves off, and offers instruction in navigation, charting, plotting and an introduction to electronic navigation. Topics include: the magnetic compass, global positioning and charts, navigation, conning, plotting, digital charting, anchoring, lines and ropes, electrical hazards, towing, boating and the environment, and more.


So you've taken the introductory courses, eh? And you've joined as a member, eh? Now what ... buy a boat and sail or putt-putt between two locks? I guess that is fine but it will get pretty boring and soon there will be a time that you'll be dreaming of sailing the Great Lakes or even the Seven Seas. Not so fast! What about the impact of winds, currents and tides? What about making use of tell tale signs in the weather and navigation by the sun or stars. And what about using GPS waypoint navigation and Radar? What is proper maintenance, and lets not forget, once you are out there, all alone, who will fix things when they go wrong... and they will!

For all of this the Power & Sail Squadron offers a carefully selected series of basic and advanced courses that will provide you with the understanding, tools and skills to operate with confidence rather than with uncertainty.

A skipper must be master on his or her boat, and be capable of handling it in out of the ordinary situations. So... if you have any desires to travel beyond your horizon, further your education and sign up for one of the advanced or elective courses that we offer.

Boating 4 and 5, Near Shore Navigationnecessary courses in advanced coastal navigation for short duration trips out of sight of land.
The Boating 4 and 5 courses include updated and enhanced chapters on Electronic Navigation Tools. You will be taken out of the realm of conning and visual plotting to coastal cruising out of sight of land: navigating in tidal waters; dealing with winds and current; standing clear of danger; using radar, an autopilot, and other instruments; and determining position by visual observation or with the use of electronic devices. Advance your piloting skills by taking these exciting courses.


Any courses longer than three nights: Students MUST be registered and in class by the third night. This will give students a minimum of three opportunities to register, and they will only miss two nights of the course.

Boating Basics and VHF courses: Students MUST be registered and in class by the second night. This will give students a minimum of two opportunities to register and they will only miss the first night of the course.

IT Course: Students MUST be registered and in class the night the course starts. This course is given to students at no cost and the Squadron should expect full attendance from all students.

If any student cannot meet these guidelines then the Squadron will recommend a "Home Study" if possible, or that the student take the course at a later date.

If a member of the Squadron feels that they can provide study assistance to a student, that member should first make this offer clear to the STO. The Squadron will not offer this type of assistance to a student without prior approval.

Course Selection

Boating Basics PCOC
Boating 2 Beyond PCOC

Boating 3 Intro to Navigation

Extended Cruising
Electronic Navigation
Intro to Weather for Recreational Boaters
Maritime Radio
Marine Maintenance
Electronic Navigation


Boating 4 Near Shore 1
Boating 5 Near Shore 2
Boating 6 Off Shore 1
Boating 7 Off Shore 2
Instructor Development

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